Ward Community Grants

A reminder from Clive Bowyer, WMSC

Hi all,
Each ward in Waltham Forest is allowed to make grants to a total of £10.000 pa for community projects.

Please consider approaching one or more of your ward councillors and chat them up explaining what it is you do and convince them of the worthiness of your cause.

As usual the way it works is that having been offered a grant, at the end of the period you have to write a little report on what you have achieved, and what you have spent the grant on. The Council will then usually pay out – just note you have to spend the money before you can claim it!

So this link tells you about ward community grants

And this link tells you how to find and contact your ward councillors

Once you have established who your councillors are on this link, click on their photo and another page will come up giving various details including when and where they hold their surgeries. That’s usually the best place to go and see them.
Good luck!

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