People of Purpose Craft Workshops

Wood Street, Walthamstow
People of Purpose (POP) have a doing space in Walthamstow, providing craft  workshops and 1.2.1 tutorials for knitting, crochet and sewing skills as well as a community-based herbalist. Activities include:

  • Wednesday afternoons – knitting and crochet club with teaching support
  • Thursdays –  community herbalist who produces locally sourced herbal treatments. She will be running workshops and learning sessions to introduce practices of herbal medicine and how to cultivate health in your home and garden
  • Coming soon – Pattern cutting workshops delivered by a fashion designer. Workshops will be for both adults and children

In addition, People of Purpose would love to run an ESOL group and has space in its calendar for this. At present 2 ESOL students are using the space for their own enterprise.

For further information on how to get involved
See our Instagram page: popeastlondon

People of Purpose, Craft Workshops
2 Georgian Village, 100A Wood Street, Walthamstow,  E17 3HX

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