The Mill: Free ESOL classes starting 20th September

New: Free ESOL classes with or without childcare
The Mill, Coppermill Lane, E17 7HA

Thursday and Fridays 10-2 pm
Starting Thursday 20 September at 10 am with enrolments

ELATT have free ESOL classes:
Held at the Mill on Thursday and Fridays 10-2 pm. It’s open to refugees of either gender and all ages, with potential for free childcare.

It is an exam class which results in a recognised and useful qualification which can be progressed through ELATT or other qualifying colleges.
At present it’s a Level 1 class but we would take Entry level learners as well.

The class is going to be facilitating community engagement by introducing people to the neighbourhood and coming out of the classroom to visit the local area/London at large.

We would like to help group volunteering projects, led by the tutor so it’s a gradual ease in rather than a stark jump. My role as tutor would be to make sure everyone is comfortable and ‘at home’ in the class and out.

The class starts next Thursday the 20th September at 10 am with enrolements.

People who are interested can contact Zelda:
or the Waltham Forest area co-ordinator:
or ELATT direct on 0800 0420 184

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