The Waltham Forest ESOL Group consists of statutory and voluntary sector providers currently involved in ESOL delivery in the borough.

In Waltham Forestthe rising number of migrant speakers of other languages seeking work increases the pressure on council, government and other organisations to provide a suitable level and quality of local ESOL training.

Waltham Forest must not fall behind equipping speakers of other languages with the linguistic and work skills necessary to contribute to become an effective part of our society.



Walthamstow Migrants ESOL Group

This is a multi-agency group consisting of statutory and voluntary sector providers currently involved in ESOL delivery in the borough, the purpose of which is to:

  • WMESOL is a working group of Walthamstow Migrants’ Action Group and is accountable to the Group via a designated Trustee
  • To have strategic oversight of ESOL provision both formal and informal, within Waltham Forest  and where appropriate feed into wider skills and employment development strategies in the borough
  • Bring together the key stakeholders (regardless of the provider) to contribute to the mapping of ESOL  in Waltham Forest and sharing information
  • Identify gaps and/or duplication and apply economies of scale to meet demand for ESOL learning in Waltham Forest.
  • To work together where appropriate to maximise funding opportunities for the provision of ESOL in the borough and to partner together to make joint applications
  • To share best practice and undertake joint professional development where appropriate.
  • Any organisation that delivers ESOL or has a strategic role to play in the delivery of ESOL may attend meetings

Meetings are currently chaired and serviced by Rod Holmes, Waltham Forest Migrant Action Group.